Monday, April 13, 2009

Why some of the torrents aren't finishing

A lot of the torrents don't seem to be finishing(the peers don't get the whole thing), and there is a perfectly logic reason for this, I know there is one because there's one for everything, but I am as confused as you, shortly I will have all new torrents for you, and you will just have to pick the folder where you put the previous files, so be patient, I'm sorry, I will also upload the new one's on anirena.
D.N Angel Subbed
D.N Angel Dubbed
Eureka Seven Dubbed
Fullmetal Alchemist Dubbed


Olin said...

just to let you know that the rest of E7 finished out with no prblems . tested each file as well. thank for redoing the torrents. as for DN Angel. i have to open now and its working as well. Thabks again .
P.S. Full metel went theru without a hitch it seemed to be E7 and DN that had problems.

Daniel said...

I'm so sorry about that guys, I don't understand it, even though I checked all the files, the original torrents just wouldn't finish. I hope you enjoy the series, Eureka gets pretty cheesy at the end to me though :).

Gofavor said...

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