Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic Season 1, Fumoffu, Second Raid
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The first thing I thought after reading the title was "Full Metal Jacket Anime". But nothing could be further from the truth. On one hand, you have heavy mecha action and special ops missions with plenty of casualties and no punches pulled. On the other hand we have a high-school comedy. Kinda like a paramilitary Inu Yasha or the result of mixing Black Lagoon with Great Teacher Onizuka.

The key scenario is that of an about 17 year old seargent of a paramilitary counter-terrorist force. He was originally a child-soldier who survived his battle-filled "childhood" in the battlefields of Afghanistan (not against the heroic US soldiers, of course - against the oh-so-evil communists!) and has now some - let's say - social deficits. Nevertheless Sousuke get's appointed the job of undercover agent in a japanese high-school in order to protect a girl with special abilities (although she doesn't know she has them. They are pretty subtle anyway). Kaname Chidori grudgingly puts up with the strange behaviour of her new classmate (such as bringing live grenades to school or blowing up footlockers, "just to be safe").

So, to sum the whole series up in one phrase: Rambo Junior goes to school.

Any boy, I got cramps laughing. If you miss that series then you really - er - missed something. Enjoy!

Sex&Violence: No sex, but sexy. The onsen & swimsuit scenes, as well as panty jokes. Adult - hmm - situations in the second raid, but nothing to be ashamed of watching in the train. But rejoice, plenty of violence. And like mentioned earlier, you get an equal amount of comic violence and real one. Plenty of dead soldiers - friend and foe - and bloodshed. It's not a splatterfest like Claymore but it's violence alright.

Conclusion: A Must See.