Monday, April 6, 2009

Eureka Seven 1-50 (Eng Dub)

Hey Guys,
Seeing this is my first post I thought I should warn you that I like English Dubbs, and I am mostly converting these animes for myself and then giving them to you, so expect to see a decent amount of English Dubbs in the future.

From Wikipedia:
"Eureka Seven consists of fifty episodes which aired from April 17, 2005, to April 2, 2006, on the Mainichi Broadcasting System and Tokyo Broadcasting System networks. Almost all of the show's episodes are named after real songs, composed by both Japanese and foreign artists.

The series centers around Renton Thurston, the fourteen-year-old son of Adroc Thurston, a military researcher who died saving the world. He lives what he considers a boring life with his grandfather in a boring town. He loves lifting, a sport similar to surfing but with trapar, a substance abundant throughout the air, as the medium. He dreams of joining the renegade group Gekkostate, led by his idol Holland, a legendary lifter.

An opportunity to do so practically falls into his lap when a large mechanical robot, called the Nirvash typeZERO, and Eureka, its pilot and a member of Gekkostate, crash into Renton's room. Renton's grandfather orders him to deliver a special part to the Nirvash called the "Amita Drive", which releases the immense power dormant within the typeZERO called the "Seven Swell Phenomenon". Afterwards, Renton is invited to join Gekkostate, where he quickly discovers that the behind-the-scenes life of Gekkostate is hardly as glamorous or as interesting as printed in the glossy pages of their magazine, ray=out. Only one thing makes it all worthwhile for him: the presence of Eureka, the mysterious pilot of the Nirvash. Renton, Eureka, and the Gekkostate embark on an adventure that will shape their future as well as the world's."



DirtyFinger said...

I must say, you found out awfully quickly what to do with the blogspot account. :)

Daniel said...

Is it ok for me to post tutorials(iphone anime related of course)?

DirtyFinger said...

sure, if anyone spots it the guys will be delighted.

Daniel said...

Sweet, I will release the two I've been working on soon.
P.S. Dirty Finger, you underestimate your site, the torrents don't get many hits until its posted here :).

DirtyFinger said...

nah, the torrents get their hits as soon as I put them on tokyotoshokan. T_T

I usually wait until the earlier torrents are seeded before I announce the next one.

Olin said...

The download is stalled out at 99.1% . seeders are needed to help finish this download. there seems to be handfuls of people stuck at 99.1% and one person at 100% but is not seeding anyone. whoever can help it will be most appriciated. By lots and lots of people. And Me

Kenneth said...

Thank you for putting together this collection.

As far as the torrent goes. Who-ever the person seeding is needs to set the torrent to initial seeding mode. That would fix the stall that we're stuck in right now.

Daniel said...

Yeah I can't figure it out either, what should I do, I'm seeding.

Daniel said...

Whats actually happening is my utorrent thinks the files aren't complete, but they are.

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