Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Project Steel, New FMA, iPhone Ready

Hello, usually we upload full anime's, but I will continue to edit this blog post with new iPhone ready FMA(Manga Version) episodes. So remember to check this post. If your on the go, they will also be on veoh(though they may be removed), which has a iphone mobile site. These will come out shortly after the torrents, because it takes longer to upload.
Torrent:FMA Brotherhood - 01
Veoh:FMA (Manga Version) - 01
Torrent:FMA Brotherhood - 02
Another way to see the Veoh's is to search FMA iPhone Ready on the veoh iphone website.


Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be easier to just upload it to megaupload or another file hosting site.

Daniel said...

A 200mb file? And I would upload it to box.net or a good uploader if I was ganna do that.
No, I prefer torrenting, but if you want a Download Link, I guess I can do it...

DirtyFinger said...

nah, don't waste your time.
torrents are good, even if they don't last forever and if they are gone then they are gone.

if anyone is really dedicated to the anime/iphone cause, then they'll take care to republish them somewhen somewhere else.

Daniel said...

Yeah, and they are already on Veoh, and with something like ant toolbar or orbit, you can download them! Though it would be lower quality then torrent or download link, but for such a huge file, ridiculous.