Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anonymous Comments disabled

Since spammers have managed to circumvent the captcha-protection of the anonymous comments (thats the stuff with the letters) I decided to allow comments for registered users only for now.

I rather like anonymous comments but having to delete scores of comments reminding me on how easy it is to buy gold for World of Warcraft gets tedious very fast.



Olin said...

The download is stalled out at 99.1% . seeders are needed to help finish this download. there seems to be handfuls of people stuck at 99.1% and one person at 100% but is not seeding anyone. whoever can help it will be most appriciated. By lots and lots of people. And Me its getting to the point its not worth it since the DN angel torrent is not even going past 0.5% from the day it was posted.

Olin said...

and with about 500mb of rubbish data dropped when on a usual download of the same size or less i might get 2mb at the most if any at all. episodes 27 and 29 thru 50 will not even play with 98 percent cpomplete on each one. there seems to be just under 100mb left to download and its been that way for 3 or 4 days now. i apologize for sending this message here but i dont see a email address anywhere.

DirtyFinger said...

weird. I'll have daniel know about this. when this stuff happened to me in the past, the only solution was to reseed the stuff.

DirtyFinger said...

btw, have you tried to delete one of the incomplete files to see if they redownload ok ?