Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Poll & Stuff

  1. Anime 124 votes (55%)
  2. Hentai - 75 votes (33%)
  3. TV-Shows - 13 votes (5%)
  4. Porn - 9 votes (4%)
  5. Movies - 3 votes (1%)
Well, the poll results are quite clear: You want Anime, big surprise. Many want hentai, which isn't that surprising either. Although .... can someone tell me how you can, er, enjoy hentai on the iphone ? Do you have a stand for your device or do you just tolerate the shaky pictures ?

Anyway, looks like I can release the occasional naughtyness in order to satisfy one third of my customers. Although - since hentai is technically also anime I could provide full satisfation by only releasing hentai from now on. ;)

Nah, just kidding. Mainly anime, maybe hentai.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucky Star

From Wikipedia:

Lucky Star's story portrays the lives of several girls attending a Japanese high school named Ryōō with a very loose sense of humor. The setting is mainly based on the city of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The main character is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club and has to resort to all-nighter cramming for tests. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else. The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move on to their second and third years. However, the anime starts the story with them beginning their second year. The storyline usually includes numerous references to popular past and present manga and anime series.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh chronicles everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school in Tokyo, following the trials and triumphs of six girls: reserved Sakaki's obsession with cute animals, Chiyo's struggle to fit in with girls five years older, Osaka's spacey nature and skewed perspective on the world, Yomi's aggravation at an annoying best friend, Tomo, whose energy is rivaled only by her lack of sense, and Kagura's efforts in sports and school. 

The story covers three years of tests, culture festivals, and athletic events at school, after-school life at the nearby shopping district, at Chiyo's large house, vacations spent at Chiyo's summer home on the beach and at Magical Land, a theme park. It is generally realistic in tone, marked by occasional bursts of surrealism and absurdity, such as Osaka's bizarre imaginings, Chiyo's ponytails being "unscrewed", and an episode featuring the characters' New Year's dreams.


Sounds boring ? Well, it ain't. It's extremely funny, although not stupid-funny. It's more weird-but-innocent-funny. All the fun lies in the characters, including the teachers (notably Yukari, Minamo "Nyamo" and Kimura). The humor used here is quite hard to describe, so just check out the numerous short clips which show off the general mood and style of this series very well.

Since the manga original got released as what western media would call "funnies" (like Garfield, Blondie, Dilbert, etc.) each episode is a collection of several short stories. So don't expect an elaborate epic storyline (or any story at all for that matter).

Anyway, this series is a classic. And it's highly recommended.
Enjoy !

And just in case you wonder where my avatar comes from:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gankutsuou - The Count of Monte Christo

This is basicaly a science fiction interpretation of the classic novel "The Count of Monte Christo". Those of you who never heard of that story and are old enough to grow pubes are hereby ordered to get your basic education up to speed. Watching this anime won't substitute for reading (or watching) the original, although you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

For those that know the original (or one of the many movies) I can offer a real treat: An anime with a familiar theme in a far removed setting with plenty of differences that distinguishes itself from the original, so that it stays exciting to the end.

The setting is the year 5053 (as oppposed to 1800) and humanity has spread out among the stars and advanced technology to a point where size and appearances don't matter anymore. This results in a visual style reminiscent to the year 1800, although there is never any doubt that everything is high tech. 

The art style is rather unique as you can see by the screenshots. It doesn't take long to get used to it, though. 

The story itself is following the general theme of the original: Elaborate Revenge.
But as opposed to the original, the count - which was pictured much more sympathetic there - is more enigmatic and sinister ... and less of a protagonist than expected, since most of the story is told out of the eyes of young Albert de Morcerf, who is immedeatly fascinated by the Count, not knowing that his meeting with him as planned long ago.

Safe for all ages.


PS: I wouldn't mind hearing from you in the comments section what you think of this series. This goes for every release, of course.

PPS: By the way, the first aria you get to hear in the above episode (you might have heard it in the movie 5th element, too), is the "Mad scene" Il dolce suono from Donicettis Lucia di Lammermoor. Just in case anyone enjoys this kind of music.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Description from AnimeNfo:

Dr. Tenma is a Japanese brain surgeon working in Germany. He has it all: incredible medical skills, a great job, and a beautiful fiancée who also happens to be the daughter of the hospital's director.

One day he is ordered to forgo operating on a critically injured man in favor of a more illustrious patient. Disillusioned by the hospital's politics, he decides from then on that he will do what he thinks is right, regardless of politics.

Some time later, a young boy and his twin sister are brought in. The boy has a bullet in his head and requires an operation that Dr. Tenma knows only he is capable of performing successfully. Just as Dr. Tenma is about to begin the procedure, the mayor is rushed into the hospital and the director instructs Dr. Tenma to leave the boy to operate on the critically ill mayor. Dr. Tenma decides that he will do what is right and go ahead with the boy's operation.

The young boy's operation ends in success but the surgeons operating on the politician fail. As a result, Dr. Tenma is passed over for a promotion and his fiancée calls off their engagement.

Soon after this incident, strange murders begin to occur, all of which benefit Dr. Tenma greatly. As a result, he becomes the prime suspect although the police have no evidence against him. It seems that the boy whose life he saved is heavily involved in it somehow and that there is much more to him than meets the eye.

I admit, the description sounds pretty boring. So boring in fact that I postponed watching it for months, despite the glowing reviews this series received from all over. And once I started watching I was caught in the flow of suspense and mystery.

If you want to prove to someone that anime are not just children cartoons (without resorting to a demonstration of tentacle sex to prove your point), then grab monster. If you want to watch a series that constantly keeps you awake and eager to follow the story to it's conclusion then start downloading now.

No disappointment possible.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nailin' Paylin

empornium account needed (free)
--- or ---
open tracker

Hello Folks,

Warning: This is going to be pornographic. Definetly not workplace safe. 

Americans might have noticed that several people apply for the CEO of Coprorate America ... and one party features a quite pretty woman - a downright MILF !

While people may not uniformly believe that Mrs. Sarah Palin will lead (or rather vice-lead) the USA to a new golden age, there's no doubt that her looks have generated many pant-tents around the bible belt.

So I thought I'd do the patriotic thing and promote the latest campaign ad by the independend Hustler party: 

Who's nailin' Paylin

The already infamous porn of the century: Sarah Palin shows how diplomacy will be under her regime - you betcha ! 

As I understand it the whole movie is not yet done (but will be before the election, hehehe). What you see here is the first scene, which you might call "I can see russians in my house". 

Uncensored and converted for iPhone usage. 

Download it ! View it while commuting ! Show it to your friends ! Show it to your mum ! 

I'm John McCain and I approve this movie.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Now and then, here and there


Synopsis taken from THEM Anime Reviews

Matsutani Shuzo is your typical, hyperactive Japanese schoolboy. He's hopelessly cheerful, plays kendo, and has a crush on the captain's sister. Nothing really bothers him; everyday is just the next play in a larger game. Then on his way home from school one afternoon, he spots a girl watching the sunset from the top of some factory smokestacks near his home; smokestacks he is famous in the neighborhood for climbing when none of the other children were able. This strange girl with liquid blue eyes tells him her name is Lalaru, but says little else as she watches the setting sun.

Then out of nowhere, several large machines, piloted by strangers in military uniforms, appear around the stacks and attack Lalaru. Shu attempts to save her and in the process is sucked back into the future with the soldiers to a bleak, sand blasted wasteland ruled by the remnants of a long dead war machine. Now as a prisoner and conscript of the battleship "Hellywood", Shu must face hard realities as he struggles with his new situation and tries to find a way for he and his fellow prisoners to escape the mad rule of King Hamado.


While this story sounds like your typical action adventure this show is everything but. It shows a dystopian future where nearly everything was destroyed in a pointless war and where the last remnants of the military continue the fight without regard for those they were presumed to be fighting for.

In this show you'll see children forced into military servitude, taken from their slaughtered families, torture, murder and rape - done against and by children. Despite it's rather plain and round visual style it's actually a very cruel and brutal show ...
It shows how bad humanity can get and has been (in fact, parallels to WW2 japan are abundant, although the anime pales in comparison to the actual cruelties commited by japan against it's victims).

So, if you expect some kind of final fantasy anime - forget it. It's rather like a japanese version of Apocalypse Now. But despite my warnings this is a very good show and highly recommended. Don't let the childish art or the first episode fool you ... this is stuff for (young) adults and the rest of the series takes a decidedly different and uglier tone from episode 2 onward.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Blood+ (BLOOD+ (ブラッドプラス) Buraddo Purasu, pronounced "Blood Plus") is an anime series produced by Production I.G and Aniplex and directed by Junichi Fujisaku. The series premiered in Japan on Sony's anime satellite channel, Animax, as well as on terrestrial networks such as MBS, TBS, and RKB on October 8, 2005. The final episode aired on September 23, 2006. Blood+ is licensed for international distribution in several regions through Sony Picture's international arm, Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI).

Blood+ was inspired by the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire; however, there are only a few allusions and basic elements from the film. Fujisaku has been involved with both works, including acting as the director for Blood+ and writing the novelization of Blood: The Last Vampire.

Under the care of her adoptive family, Saya Otonashi has been living the life of an anemic and amnesiac, but otherwise ordinary schoolgirl. Saya’s happy life is shattered when she is attacked by a chiropteran, learning that she is the only one who can defeat them.

Armed with her katana, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies, and her chevalier, Hagi, to rid the world of chiropteran and rediscover her identity. The course of the journey reveals the background history of the chiropterans and Saya's very deep past, which extends into the mid-19th century.

The series is initially set in present day (September 2005) Okinawa City (Koza), on Okinawa Island, near the US Kadena Air Base. In the course of the series, Saya visits locations across the world, fighting enemy chiropteran and searching for her origins.

Drag the folder you downloaded to iTunes. It will not be in the movie section - it will show in the TV show section instead.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Go Edit ---> Preferences and tick show TV Shows, then press ok.

Description was taken from Wikipedia

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Serial Experiments Lain

You wanted mindfuck - you get mindfuck. If you do not understand what Lain is about the first time you see it: don't worry. You really have to constantly watch for clues and think about what you have seen or else you won't be able to make any sense out of it - and thus won't be able to enjoy it, because you won't be served cool action scenes to distract you from thinking.

This is - by the way - one of the first animes I have ever seen consciously (seeing Heidi or Captain Future as a kid doesn't count) and thus got a rather warped impression of what anime is about. ^_^

Following are a short plot description and a more elaborate - er - elaboration taken from IMDB and wikipedia.

Enjoy !

PS: Safe for all ages but if your kids understand and like Lain then start worrying.


A week after Chisa committed suicide, her classmates begin to receive emails from her. Hearing rumors fly at school, a quiet withdrawn girl named Lain goes home that day, turns on her dusty Navi computer for the first time and has a conversation with the dead girl. Chisa's message reads that she killed herself because she didn't need her body anymore, and she now exists in The Wired. When Lain asks why someone would do something like that she gets a response: "Because God is here". --- IMDB

Serial Experiments Lain deals directly with the definition of reality, which makes its complex plot difficult to summarize. The story is primarily based on the assumption that everything flows from human thought, memory, and consciousness. Therefore, events on screen can be considered hallucinations of Lain, of other protagonists, or of Lain fabricating the hallucinations of others.  

Story misdirection is central to the plotline;  even the offscreen voices or narrations' information cannot be considered truthful. The series consists of a cross-reflection of philosophical themes instead of the traditional linear events depiction: episodes are called "layers".

Serial Experiments Lain describes "the Wired" as the sum of human communication networks, created with the telegraph and telephone services, and expanded with the Internet and subsequent networks. The anime assumes that the Wired could be linked to a system that enables unconscious communication between people and machines without physical interface. 

The storyline introduces such a system with the Schumann resonance, a property of the Earth's magnetic field that theoretically allows for unhindered long distance communications. If such a link was created, the network would become equivalent to Reality as the general consensus of all perceptions and knowledge (see consensus reality). The thin line between what is real and what is possible would then begin to blur.

Poll results & aftermath

Like I already supected in Fun with site statistics the hentai faction won the day (although I ended the vote prematurately).
  1. Poll results:
  2. Hentai (35%)
  3. Mindfuck (25%)
  4. Comedy (14%)
  5. Serious thematics (10%)
  6. Slice-of-life (7%)
  7. Action (3%)
  8. Romance (3%)
And indeed, the top iPhoneReady downloads have a new entry:

Given that Gattsu is online for less than 3 days we can safely assume that hentai will dominate the download behaviour of the common iPhone user (and those that couldn't figure out that [iPhoneReady] means the release was converted to low-resolution iphone quality). Also note the soft-hearted romantics among you, who leeched Emma to #2.

Anyway, we have the mindfuckers as runner-up, which speaks for the willingness to stimulate your brain beyond the nether reaches of your pants. So the next release will be of exactly that strange genre.

Stay tuned !

Friday, September 26, 2008

Women at Work - The Gattsu [iFap Ready]

Weeeeell, polls are showing hentai in the lead, followed by mindfuck. 
It's tempting to deliver both in one go but I'm not that great a fan of the really sick stuff. So I'll treat you to something that might put you off in a completely different way. ^_^

Enjoy the non-futanari bodybuilder amazon. You'll forgive me for not posting a youtube video preview or writing an elaborate review.

PS: I won't be too surprised if the amount of traffic triples after that ...
PPS: Opps, forgot to place the keywords: hentai anime porn hot muscle babes uncensored pron fuck sex duct-tape hamster
PPPS: Don't watch while commuting. Not workplace safe (at least in those work environments I know).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help seeding

Some of the old releases lack seeders and need charitable people who are willing to spend some time and bandwidth for your fellow iphone fans.
Of course, that people could be me, but I sometimes don't even have the original files, nor can I keep every single release online. 

So please help out by keeping the torrents alive if possible by checking this list for zero-see-torrents: Seed Status

Update: oops, wrong link. Try again now. :)

Fun with site statistics

I felt lonely and unapreceated, so I went and searched for myself. With google.
Because I wanted to see how awesome my blog is (yeah, I know, you want the torrents, not my wisdom), I subscribed to the google analytics service, mainly to check out google analytics but also to see how popular my site is: not very.

Anyway, there are still some funny facts:
  • google-search for "iphone ready" lists me as #54. I guess I have to be grateful even for that, since apparently even Tom Cruise is iphone ready. XENU, DELIVER US FROM EVIL !!
  • google-search for "iphone ready anime" get's me the #1 spot, yay!
  • google-search for "iphone anime" dumps me at #18, right behind lots of anime wallpaper sites. Hmpf.
  • google-search for "iComics" lists me as #1. I wonder what the iComics author thinks about that. The iComics guide is the most popular page, too, according to google analytics.
  • google-analytics says that you spend an average 1:02 minutes on my blog each visit. I'll have to check how long it takes to read the crap I write, but it sounds about right. But apparently no one bothers to view the embedded youtube vids, eh ?
  • google-analytics says that you read fastest when visiting me on sundays. You manage reading in about half the time you usually need.
  • Country ranking:
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. Germany (we are so polyglot)
    4. Great Britain
    5. Japan (enjoying the english subs, eh ?)
  • Number 1 means of finding my blog: google. The most popular search term is not "iComics", "iphone ready" or even "iphone anime" btw... no, it's "iphone hentai" !
    So, can I triple my site popularity by releasing iphone anime porn, can't I? I guess i'll have to try in a scientific experiment how comfortable it is watching iPorn one-handed.
  • The estimated advertising worth of my blog is 0.00$ . I'll have to start the iPorn thingy ...
Cheers! ^_^


Description taken from wikipedia: 
"Berserk (ベルセルク Beruseruku?) is a long-running dark fantasy manga by mangaka Kentarō Miura.
Berserk\'s setting is inspired by medieval Europe. It centers around the life of Guts, an orphaned mercenary warrior, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk (鷹の団 Taka no Dan?). As he ages, Guts changes from a solitary boy to a man who realizes the value of comradeship. The story contains elements of both fantasy and horror, as it explores both the best and worst of human nature. Both the manga and anime are noted for their heavy violence."

Oh boy, wiki got that last part right. Remember the second iPhoneReady release, Claymore ? This is it's daddy. If you know what Bukake is (follow link at own risk) then just imagine swapping out the naughty parts with blood'n'guts. 

The manga is still ongoing and boy, it's even more violent than the anime. I heard the author had to take some serious sessions with a psychiatrist because of his - er - let's say negative view on life in general. Since his negative views and his subsequent cure reflect in his works it's somewhat interesting to know. However, even in his better, improved mood the manga shows a dystopian reflection of hell on earth. 

Anyway, what you get is monsters, sword fights, death, destruction, death, killings, murders, massacres, blodshed, war, death, more massacres, demons, evil gods and death.
Safe for all ages, provided you're living in a country constantly at war with someone or another.

Enjoy !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Download link not working ?

If you try to follow the "Download here" links right now, you'll land nowhere.

Don't Panic !!!

Anirena.com is undergoing a major site overhaul and the old download-links are invalid. And the new ones don't work like they should, but that's going to change soon.

If you really really need one of the older torrents right now, just try to search for it at http://www.tokyotosho.com.


Update: The tokyotosho links were not working for a short time. This problem has been fixed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Air Master

Air Master is your typical schoolgirl-martial-artist-fights-while-showing-off-panties anime. Our heroine Maki - called Air Master because of her aerial fighting style (incluenced by her past as elite gymnast - no kidding) - is distinguished by her read hair and her outstanding size (body size - not chest size, although that one is impressive, too). She towers over the midget japanese like a - er - european in asia. Sorry midgets. 

She befriends a couple of high school girls that include a midget among midgets that annoys viewers by screaming, crying and being annoying in general - and girl best described as a pair of tits on legs who immediatly falls in love with Maki (although she is - of course - not the only one. Her other one-sided love interests range from bland to weird to creepy). They follow Maki around when she fights it out with various streetfighters in the city. 

So much for the setup and the basic character cast, which isn't much to look at. Consequently this series received lots of bad reviews, strangely quite often by the same reviewers that rather fancy brutal, misogynic Panties-R-Us series like Ikki Tousen. True, Air Master is not a particulary intelligent series, but once you detach yourself enough from reality and expectations of intellectual stimuli, you'll be rewarded with strong and fluid action, cool choreographed martial art battles, and funny situational comedy that wouldn't be possible in any other series than Air Master.

And regarding the showing-panties part: These are not the point of this series at all. They just tend to show up when you do those strange moves while wearing those stupid school girl outfits. Personally I dislike series that think the pinacle of humor is a well-lifted skirt followed by an exaggerated reaction. And no scene in this anime feels like it has been created solely to bless us with this kind of standard japanese humor.

Anyway, this series is fun, full of action and has undeserved bad ratings. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Video encoding for the iPhone

Since people have asked repeatedly AND I finally got off my lazy ass I decided to give a short little tutorial on video encoding light.

I won't suffer you to learn MEncoder, even though this tool might be your last resort in case standard methods won't do. No, the software of my choice is the popular MediaCoder, which conveniently also has a special iPhone Edition. You can just get the standard version and make iPhone movies, too, but trust me when I say that you don't want to.

So, before you do anything else: 

You might also want to install the latest Firefox browser since some advanced settings (which you probably won't need) rely on the Gecko engine that comes with it.

Install and start and you will see this:

The user interface is pretty much intuitive and the part that will give you occasional problems lies withing the source files you wish to encode. But more of that later. Find some videos and drag them into the work are and you're ready to go. 

There are several possible kinds of source files which each provide you with a different problem. I'll start with some easy ones and will add others at a later time. For now, let's start with:

AVI videos with hardcoded subtitles
The avi-format is a simple container that usually contains a video and audio stream and nothing else. Subtitles are inseperable from the video stream, which is why it's called hardcoded. This is a problem if the video resolution does not match your display resolutions (480x320).
This is nearly always the case, so you have to both resize the video and crop the parts you don't want. Happily the encoding software does the resize job automatically. The job left to do is choosing the target resolution and the cropping.

You'll mostly encounter videos that are far wider than what your iphone can display (after resizing), so snipping the sides is tempting. Howeverm the problem with hardcoded subtitles is that you can't crop the sides of the video because you'll very likely eliminate some parts of the subs. In that case I usually change the target resolution to 576x320, which allows you to zoom between fullscreen and "cinematic borders" on the fly.

Press the crop button and select Manual Cropping. 

Using the left mouse button you can drag the running movie inside the frame until you are satisfied with the placement. You'll figure it out faster than I'll figure out how to explain to you how to figure it out. The border represents your ipod screen dimension, btw., so choosing a different target resolution in the main window will give you a larger window. Use the forward/backward buttons to navigate the playing movie.
Small note: This is pretty damn comfortable. You don't want to know how awkward this part can - all too often - get. 
Press done when you are done.

Beneath all those buttons you see a couple of select-boxes. You can play with them if you want or just leave them on default, wich should usually suffice. 

Press the start-button and wait for it to process your movie. After a short while it will finish (ok, it's a long while). 
Congratulations! Your first self-encoded iphone video.

In case you have several movies you wish to convert: Make sure you select all videos BEFORE you start the cropping-tool. Or else only one item in the list will get cropped as wanted.

So, that's it for today. I'll write something about the more advanced containers with multiple streams (mkv, ogm) later, although I'm sure you will figure that out by yourself.

By the way: You'll encounter numerous releases that simply won't encode like you want to. There are some workarounds for that (some involving MEncoder) but this is stuff for headaches. And some videos just won't work, no matter what you do. So don't get too worked up if that happens - it seems to be the norm. ^_^

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shakugan no Shana Season 1

Well, the last release met rather underwhelming approval so I guess you want more anime shit.
Ah, don't worry, this series is not THAT bad but don't expect a story worth talking about either.
The authors/anime producers are apparently aware of that fact and blessed us with two bonus episodes "Shakugan no Shanatan 1+2" where they poke fun at their own series. After watching the series (or at least a few episodes) you'll appreciate them too, i think.

Anyway, take this premade synopsis because I'm too lazy to write one myself.

Description from AnimeNFO
He had thought his normal days would last forever, until they were ended abruptly by an encounter with a girl with red hair and eyes. He named her Shana.

Not long after he enters high school, Sakai Yuji's normal days come to an end. He sees something bizarre on his way home: people are frozen in a strange fire, and a monster that looks like a large doll is attacking them. Just when he's about to be killed, a girl in a dark cloak wielding a large sword appears, and slices the monster in half. Although Yuji survives the strange encounter, the girl informs him of a desolate truth: "You don't 'exist' anymore."

She calls herself a Flame Haze who hunts "Kuze no Tomogara"; intruders from another world. She explains to him that he is a "Torch", a substitute of Yuji whose "existence" has already been devoured. She also told him that he is a special Torch, "Mystis", which contains a precious item in it. When he looks at his chest, he sees within himself a faint flame, just as she said.

It is in this way that his eternal struggle alongside the girl begins.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning

This movie is an internet legend and shouldn't require much explaination. In short it's a Star Trek meets Babylon 5 parody. It oviously ain't an anime.

The storyline goes something like this: Captain Pirk along with his subordinates - the Plingon Dwarf and the Android Info - is stranded in earth's past and decides to conquer the world. Who cares about time paradoxons if you live a shitty life in finnland when you could be traveling the universe anyway!

Star Wreck has a pretty long tradition but this movie was the first one that included professional CGI and human actors (you might enjoy the wiki entry for more info). And it's a feast for the eyes watching the spaceships of the Star Trek and Babylon 5 universe blasting each other apart. The story is pretty funny too, including many insider jokes (Dwarf: Tactical is still missing a chair!) and gags and puns.

It was so popular, it was even dubbed to - japanese. Yes that's right, there's a japanese version out there, although I chose to release the original finnish version with english subtitles.

If you want different subtitles or the japanese version then simply pay the creators' homepage a visit and download everything there: www.starwreck.com
And if you're hooked you can even check out their older works, although they look quite less professional but are still quite funny. Also keep an eye out for their latest project, Iron Sky, where nazis went to the moon in 1945 ... and are now coming back. Might take a while till they finish, though ... it took them 7 years to shot their last movie.

I hope you don't mind the change from anime to finnish fan-made movies. I personally think it's more than worth it. Enjoy !

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School Rumble Season 2 + OVAs

Description taken from Animenewsnetwork:
Continuing right where season 1 left off: Harima still likes Tenma but still runs into obstacles everytime he tries to confess his love to her. To complicate the situation, Class 2-D challenges class 2-C once again and there's a rumor floating around that Harima and Yakumo are dating as the school prepares for the cultural festival.

The video preview below is from the OVA. Hot Springs ... you probably know what that means even before watching the preview.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


This torrent contains episodes 1-49 (of way over 100). That would be Season 1+2.

Description taken from animenfo:
End of Edo period, aliens called "Amanto" began to invade the Earth, and the war between the Earth and Amanto broke out. During the war, many samurai lost their lives. However, the Earth was no match for the overwhelming weapons of Amand, and they surrendered to Amando. The government became a puppet of Amando, and Amandos had their own way in Edo city. On the other hand, the government banned the samurai from carrying swords. The story takes place around a samuri and their buddies who live in this hard time for samurai,

You're about to visit a braincell-free environment.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

School Rumble Season 1

Description taken from AnimeNfo:
Tsukamoto Tenma is a second grader in high school who, like other girls her age, falls in love. However, she could not bring herself to confess her love to her classmate Karasumaru. She discovers that Karasumaru will transfer out next year and, with the help of her friends and her little sister Yakumo, tries to confess her love. Tenma also uses unorthodox methods such as disguising herself as a nurse or shooting arrows with a love letter attached to express her feelings for him.

On the other hand, Harima Kenji, a delinquent, has feelings for Tenma. Unfortunately, Tenma's preoccupation with Karasumara ensures that she doesn't notice Harima's affection, much to Harima's dismay. To make matters worse, one day, he sees Tenma and Karasumaru having lunch together. This causes him to skip school and embark on a journey of enlightenment.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic Season 1, Fumoffu, Second Raid
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The first thing I thought after reading the title was "Full Metal Jacket Anime". But nothing could be further from the truth. On one hand, you have heavy mecha action and special ops missions with plenty of casualties and no punches pulled. On the other hand we have a high-school comedy. Kinda like a paramilitary Inu Yasha or the result of mixing Black Lagoon with Great Teacher Onizuka.

The key scenario is that of an about 17 year old seargent of a paramilitary counter-terrorist force. He was originally a child-soldier who survived his battle-filled "childhood" in the battlefields of Afghanistan (not against the heroic US soldiers, of course - against the oh-so-evil communists!) and has now some - let's say - social deficits. Nevertheless Sousuke get's appointed the job of undercover agent in a japanese high-school in order to protect a girl with special abilities (although she doesn't know she has them. They are pretty subtle anyway). Kaname Chidori grudgingly puts up with the strange behaviour of her new classmate (such as bringing live grenades to school or blowing up footlockers, "just to be safe").

So, to sum the whole series up in one phrase: Rambo Junior goes to school.

Any boy, I got cramps laughing. If you miss that series then you really - er - missed something. Enjoy!

Sex&Violence: No sex, but sexy. The onsen & swimsuit scenes, as well as panty jokes. Adult - hmm - situations in the second raid, but nothing to be ashamed of watching in the train. But rejoice, plenty of violence. And like mentioned earlier, you get an equal amount of comic violence and real one. Plenty of dead soldiers - friend and foe - and bloodshed. It's not a splatterfest like Claymore but it's violence alright.

Conclusion: A Must See.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Dirty Pair

Yuri and Kei are the two members of a "trouble consultant" team codenamed Lovely Angels in earth's far future. Trouble consultants are some kind of agents whose job it is to eliminate threats to humanity. Or catch'n'kill terrorists and such.

The Lovely Angels are pretty competent in their job. However, most of their missions end up with tremendous casualties along their way through no fault of their own. Don't think collapsed buildings - think nuked cities, space stations, planets, solar systems. This - along with their working attire - earned them the name The Dirty Pair.

The Dirty Pair are the archetypes of anime-chicks with guns. The whole series flows over with action in a strange utopian/dytopian high-tech setting. Every technological advance - no matter how ethically deplorable - has been made and commercialized. Cyborgs, AIs, The Matrix, Mutants, Bio-Engineering, Genetic Modifications, Personality Transfers and weapons in all forms and sizes inside.

The original series is pretty old and started out as a light novel (i.e. trash), became an anime and then a manga ... or rather a comic. The main guy responsible for this comic is the american Adam Warren, so this can't technically be called a manga despite the japanese drawing style. You even have to read from left to right.

But no matter who dunnit - this series is great fun and utterly chaotic. You probably won't get more chicks'n'guns per square inch than in Dirty Pair for a very long time.

Sex&Crime: Lots ! Ok, they don't do sex (publicly), but they know exactly how they are showing of their assets. ^_^
Nah, the violence displayed is ... well ... much, but not the kind of nightmare inducing violence you sometimes see in other mainstream mangas (I recall a couple of very disturbing Berserk panels). And the utter disregard for human casualties is strangely undisturbing - probably because you never have to bother with the aftermath of all the carnage.
Imagine Plastic Man on a mission to recover a nuclear suitcase-bomb from terrorists. The mission succeeds although two passenger planes fly into the twin towers and the last panel shows a grinning plastic man flying away from the collapsing buildings while saying "Doh! Well, could've been worse.".
Well, you get the idea. If you can laugh to that then you'll love the Dirty Pair.