Thursday, March 6, 2008


Original release by: ANBU

Planetes is a science fiction space anime.

I know, you're expecting giant robots and big breasted schoolgirl pilots now. Or a fleet of space cruisers, flying around space, explore the unknown regions
of the galaxy, meet alien civilizations and bomb them to kingdom come in the name of peace, democracy and the terranian way.


This series is about the glorious adventures of the ... garbage collection department.

Ok, their job is pretty vital for the future of manned space ... a single screw orbiting earth with several kilometers per second can definetly be called a hazard and removing those hazards is a challenging and important job ... but it's still garbage collection.

It's the near future and mankind managed to build bases on the moon and mining operations on other planets of the solar system with about the technology that is available now. A bit futuristic but very recognizable.

Anyway, this anime is not for those expecting brainless fun. It treats space and it's dangers realistically and with respect, it considers political and economical development in a time of space exploration and exploitation. It has it's funny moments, some romanctic ones, drama, tragedy, suspense and no fan service.

The art is good, animation fluid, the characters are likable and pronounced and grow considerably throughout the series.

It irks me a bit that I can't honestly degrade this series with cynical remarks, but I'll give it my best shot: The show seems average. It's good in every respect, but excels at none. But if that's the worst you can say about a show, you can be assured that you won't waste your time watching this.

To sum it up: This anime puts the science in fiction and is excellent entertainment.

Sex & Violence: No sex, few violence. Ok, there are terrorists, but terrorists are everywhere. And when the violence happens, it is not glorified or made to look cool. You fear for the characters lifes - because the show made it very clear that people can die. And even there it's realistic: Sometimes people don't die in accidents or battles. They suffer. And that little part gets omitted too often for my taste ...

Conclusion: Highly recommended! Fun, excitement and education wrapped in a nice little package.


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