Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Kamichu! Episodes 1-16
Original release by Exiled-Destiny

This anime is cute.

It is cuter than "Snow Fairy Sugar meets the Teletubbies". It's protagonist is a very young tiny cute girl with an ultra cute voice that became a god.
A tiny cute japanese god, not the mega-god of the west (see 'Spirited away' for reference).
Japanese gods are more like spirits, pests, Gartenzwerge ... whatever. In Japan you apparently can't spit without hitting a god. There's probably even a god of drool around.

Anyway, the cute girl became a cute god and has absolutely no idea what a god is supposed to do, which is kinda cute. So she and her friends go on finding out how to best use her godlyness in a cute way.

If you can stop puking you might as well enjoy it, because despite all it's cuteness and clearly WAY underage target audience it's quite an amusing (and cute) watch. Probably because the situation is so absurd and everyone treats it like it's rare but totally reasonable ("You became a god? What of? Can I offer you my prayers? Thanks for blessing me, buhby.".

Sex & Violence: No violence apart from a tiny bit of governmental power abuse. Never even suggests violence apart from a catfight (cat fights cat). Safe for all ages.
No sex anywhere. Some swimsuit scenes, but if 10-year old flat girls with full body swimsuits count as suggestive to you, you probably go to the crapper blindfolded. Safe for all ages.


PS:Some screenshots here: http://browse.minitokyo.net/1074/kamichu/


porkcutlets said...

Hey, I don't know if you've been seeding your own torrents, but my ETA on this file is currently "1year25weeks," so I was wondering if you could help me out. Thanks a lot for this release.

DirtyFinger said...

this torrent has no more seeds. probably for quite a while. but i backed up the files and will reseed.

Dustin C. said...

hey, do you have the subtitle file for kamichu? i dont think its part of the files at all.

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Patrick said...

We've got about 8 people sitting at 99.4%, according to my torrent client. Any chance one of you guys could reseed this for a bit to get the last bit taken care of?

Panda said...

hey, like Patrick said, there's me and at least 5 other people sitting at 99.4%. so could someone seed this?

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