Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

Original release by: Blitz, Sirus

First things first: THIS IS NOT HENTAI (google if you don't know what that means. Afterwards wash your eyes with soap.)

Technically this is an action series (NOT HENTAI ACTION!) with 5 chicks who work for some kind of head-hunter jack-of-all-trades company.

The setting is the earth which just recovered from a world wide Flood that submerged the entire earth, killing billions of people and leaving only a few underwater cities in existence.

After hundreds years under water, the cities rose to the surface to reclaim the earth ... or rather water, because there's still no land in sight. You don't get an explanation why they didn't float up hundreds of years earlier but hey, if you are going to watch a series with girls in outfits like those, you probably don't care much about science and logic in your daily dose or por-... ahem: THIS IS NOT HENTAI!

Anyway, despite mankind barely having survived the apocalypse, this is a happy-go-lucky kind of series.
One chick (forgot her name) lost her apartment and was saved from homelesnes and other stuff by the leader of the other 4 chicks. In return she has to work for them and wear a hentaiish swimsuit which is too small to even cover pubes - if anime chicks had any.

You get plenty of action, some funny situation and - surprise - NO FANSERVICE. Nothing is able to overfanservice these swimsuits, so they probably didn't bother. There is no connecting story to speak of. In the very last episodes you get to see something which could be called a storyline, but don't expect too much of it.

Let me be frank: This series is crap. It has it funny moments - I laughed pretty hard at some scenes - but it's just brainless entertainment. Anyway, I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched it to the end ... but then I'm pretty anonymous here, hehehehe.

This series is obviously nothing for US-kids. Titties in abundance and some of those girls know what they are good for. Violence is medium. Much shooting, but no killing. Apart from the terrorists (you know, terrorists are everywhere!!!).

-- DF


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that episode 6 in this batch has no sound.

lijialefw said...

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