Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poll results & aftermath

Like I already supected in Fun with site statistics the hentai faction won the day (although I ended the vote prematurately).
  1. Poll results:
  2. Hentai (35%)
  3. Mindfuck (25%)
  4. Comedy (14%)
  5. Serious thematics (10%)
  6. Slice-of-life (7%)
  7. Action (3%)
  8. Romance (3%)
And indeed, the top iPhoneReady downloads have a new entry:

Given that Gattsu is online for less than 3 days we can safely assume that hentai will dominate the download behaviour of the common iPhone user (and those that couldn't figure out that [iPhoneReady] means the release was converted to low-resolution iphone quality). Also note the soft-hearted romantics among you, who leeched Emma to #2.

Anyway, we have the mindfuckers as runner-up, which speaks for the willingness to stimulate your brain beyond the nether reaches of your pants. So the next release will be of exactly that strange genre.

Stay tuned !


Innocent-grey said...

WHAT THE HELL... Gatsu at the 3rd!!!

But i'm happy that Seirei no Moribito is at the first =)

Well then, Can I request for Seto no Hanayome Series?
My friends told me it's quite fun.

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