Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Air Master

Air Master is your typical schoolgirl-martial-artist-fights-while-showing-off-panties anime. Our heroine Maki - called Air Master because of her aerial fighting style (incluenced by her past as elite gymnast - no kidding) - is distinguished by her read hair and her outstanding size (body size - not chest size, although that one is impressive, too). She towers over the midget japanese like a - er - european in asia. Sorry midgets. 

She befriends a couple of high school girls that include a midget among midgets that annoys viewers by screaming, crying and being annoying in general - and girl best described as a pair of tits on legs who immediatly falls in love with Maki (although she is - of course - not the only one. Her other one-sided love interests range from bland to weird to creepy). They follow Maki around when she fights it out with various streetfighters in the city. 

So much for the setup and the basic character cast, which isn't much to look at. Consequently this series received lots of bad reviews, strangely quite often by the same reviewers that rather fancy brutal, misogynic Panties-R-Us series like Ikki Tousen. True, Air Master is not a particulary intelligent series, but once you detach yourself enough from reality and expectations of intellectual stimuli, you'll be rewarded with strong and fluid action, cool choreographed martial art battles, and funny situational comedy that wouldn't be possible in any other series than Air Master.

And regarding the showing-panties part: These are not the point of this series at all. They just tend to show up when you do those strange moves while wearing those stupid school girl outfits. Personally I dislike series that think the pinacle of humor is a well-lifted skirt followed by an exaggerated reaction. And no scene in this anime feels like it has been created solely to bless us with this kind of standard japanese humor.

Anyway, this series is fun, full of action and has undeserved bad ratings. Enjoy!


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