Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nailin' Paylin

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Hello Folks,

Warning: This is going to be pornographic. Definetly not workplace safe. 

Americans might have noticed that several people apply for the CEO of Coprorate America ... and one party features a quite pretty woman - a downright MILF !

While people may not uniformly believe that Mrs. Sarah Palin will lead (or rather vice-lead) the USA to a new golden age, there's no doubt that her looks have generated many pant-tents around the bible belt.

So I thought I'd do the patriotic thing and promote the latest campaign ad by the independend Hustler party: 

Who's nailin' Paylin

The already infamous porn of the century: Sarah Palin shows how diplomacy will be under her regime - you betcha ! 

As I understand it the whole movie is not yet done (but will be before the election, hehehe). What you see here is the first scene, which you might call "I can see russians in my house". 

Uncensored and converted for iPhone usage. 

Download it ! View it while commuting ! Show it to your friends ! Show it to your mum ! 

I'm John McCain and I approve this movie.

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