Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun with site statistics

I felt lonely and unapreceated, so I went and searched for myself. With google.
Because I wanted to see how awesome my blog is (yeah, I know, you want the torrents, not my wisdom), I subscribed to the google analytics service, mainly to check out google analytics but also to see how popular my site is: not very.

Anyway, there are still some funny facts:
  • google-search for "iphone ready" lists me as #54. I guess I have to be grateful even for that, since apparently even Tom Cruise is iphone ready. XENU, DELIVER US FROM EVIL !!
  • google-search for "iphone ready anime" get's me the #1 spot, yay!
  • google-search for "iphone anime" dumps me at #18, right behind lots of anime wallpaper sites. Hmpf.
  • google-search for "iComics" lists me as #1. I wonder what the iComics author thinks about that. The iComics guide is the most popular page, too, according to google analytics.
  • google-analytics says that you spend an average 1:02 minutes on my blog each visit. I'll have to check how long it takes to read the crap I write, but it sounds about right. But apparently no one bothers to view the embedded youtube vids, eh ?
  • google-analytics says that you read fastest when visiting me on sundays. You manage reading in about half the time you usually need.
  • Country ranking:
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. Germany (we are so polyglot)
    4. Great Britain
    5. Japan (enjoying the english subs, eh ?)
  • Number 1 means of finding my blog: google. The most popular search term is not "iComics", "iphone ready" or even "iphone anime" btw... no, it's "iphone hentai" !
    So, can I triple my site popularity by releasing iphone anime porn, can't I? I guess i'll have to try in a scientific experiment how comfortable it is watching iPorn one-handed.
  • The estimated advertising worth of my blog is 0.00$ . I'll have to start the iPorn thingy ...
Cheers! ^_^


G2 said...

:] You must be really bored. Thank you for all the uploads. I need to patiently wait for the torrents coming back before filling up my new IPod.

DirtyFinger said...

torrents are back. all of them.
apart from those that don't have seeders.

Anonymous said...

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