Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Perfect Blue

no idea who released that one ...

Perfect Blue is a classic psycho thriller.
The story centers about the idol Mima, who left her band to pursuit an acting career. This - however - doesn't sit too well with some of her fans and subsequent attacks add to her growing doubts if she made the right choice. A stalker, stress at work and a website that knows every single private detail about her further attack her shaken psyche to the point where she starts getting delusions. Then the killing starts ...

The anime is a real masterpiece. Not the art, which is solid. Not the sound either. It's the story and the solid directing which takes Mima on a psycho-ride to perdition - and drags you along in the front seat. While the whole scenario is less than spectacular - I mean, who cares about second class idols trying to make a career in second class japanese TV-Dramas - the execution is brilliant and captivating.

Sex & Violence: I included this section not in consideration of some peculiar american morals - I just figured that most iphone users don't want to risk getting caught staring at a pair of humongous anime tits by colleagues, seniors, family or other "moral" figures. And while this movie belongs in the adult category (on account of kids probably not being able to understand this movie anyway), sex has nearly no relevance here. Apart from one staged rape scene for the TV-Drama Mima is playing in. It is rather - hmm - explicit but we are not talking Mezzoforte, so relax. :)

Conclusion: Great movie. If you dislike thrillers generally, then you'll hardly appreceate this one either. But everyone else should give this one a try. I keep thinking "Silence of the lambs" when thinking of "Perfect Blue" in terms of supense and atmosphere, even though they are not similar at all.

PS: Don't let the ghastly dubs of the youtube video fool you: This release is in japanese with english subtitles.


Thomas said...

Good to see you're up and running again. Keep pumping out those releases man, saves me the trouble of converting myself ;) Cheers!

李小 said...

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