Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black Lagoon

Original release by KAA (Kick Ass Anime, i believe)

Meet the latest anime star: Revy, the chinese gun-chick (or Levy, depending on how oul japanese fliends decide to distlibute celtain lettels).
Revy is part of the Lagoon Company and provides the muscle (and bullets) for the team. She is not a people person - to best describe her in friendly terms I'd still have to use words like "psyochpathic", "manic" and "killer". It would be unfair to call her a serial killer, though ... she's at best a massmurderer.
And rejoice, she's one of the "good" guys (koff, koff).

Other good guys include:
  • Rock - a japanese sarariman, who joined the company after he got abducted by said company and sacrificed and nearly killed by his then employer.
  • Dutch - a huge african american, leader of the Lagoon company and owner of the well armed torpedo boat
  • Benny - the american technical expert of the team. Doesn't usually participate in fights but doesn't let the abundant killing bother him anymore (spending any length of time with Revy probably does that).

Most of the action (of which you'll get plenty) takes place in Roanapur, a fictional city somewhere in thailand. Since the Lagoon company is basically a mercenary outfit and Roanapur is rife with corruption and a gathering place of crime syndicates from every country, they don't really lack employment.

Some of the major power players in Roanapur include Hotel Moscow, part of the russian mafia led by a scarred female ex-army officer called Balalaika, the chinese Triad, led by non other than the slim brother of Cow Yun-Fat and the most original one, The Church of Violence led by mother Yolanda. If you need any weapon short of intercontinental ballistic missiles, ask the lord for guidance and give the church their tithe.

There are lots of original characters in this series - and nearly everyone has more than enough traits that would make them a danger to society in any civilized country, but they all find their home in Roanapur and enjoy their drinks together before and after missions, murders and firefights (sometimes against each other).

This series has everything you could wish for in an action oriented anime. The art is really good with detailed and slightly exagerated drawn characters and even more exagerated gun fights. If they ever make a game out of this, then it'll look like "Lara Croft in Far Cry".

Sex & Violence: Killing without mercy is pretty common with Black Lagoon. Life is worth nothing more than what you are willing to pay for it. And sex ? Well, the girls are absolutely sexy and Miss Balalaika is known to personally edit hard core porn movies if duty demands it. And I'd like to recommend everyone the Black Lagoon Hentai Artwork from Azasuke Wind. But apart from that I haven't spotted anything more "offensive" than one lone panty-shot. And an attempted rape very late in the series. But considering the pants Revy wears you have your offensive stuff pretty much everywhere. ^_^

Conclusion: Awesome action, iconic characters, fast paced story arcs and a sprawling dystopian town in the south-east asian sea ... what's not to like ? Recommended!


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