Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vexille 2077

Original release: Dodgy

Vexille 2077 is a CGI science fiction anime of the pessimistic kind. Japan has decided to isolate iself from the world - again - because of disputes over the ethics behind several applications of robotic technology (and probably even more disputes over whale hunting for scientific research). Because Japan didn't want to let ethics stop them from doing what they want - again - they terminated foreign relations and built electronic countermeasures that prevents all kinds of surveilance, barring even satellites from peeking inside.

A hi-tec special-ops called S.W.O.R.D. launches a strike team on behalf of the US government to infiltrate fortress japan because of very well-grounded suspicions, that Japan's secret technologic advances will pose a threat to the world very soon. One of the special agents is a woman named Vexille, which explains the name of the movie - however, no explanation for name of the woman is given, so I'm left to assume that the authors named her for the sound of it, or that the french translation "flag" has a deeper meaning.

Anyway, the movie starts with solid action, moves on into a dystopian nightmare and finishes with more action and a finale that should give japanese the creeps. The art is an eyecatcher, the robots and battlesuits look really good, the battles are nicely done and show off the advantages of CGI animes. The characters are a bit flat but the story is a new twist to an often told story.

Sex & Violence: Plenty of violence but no naughtyness I can remember. The total bodycount effectively reaches millions and the background story is fit to cause depressions. Kinda like Matrix without the funny stuff and the cool characters.

Conclusion: Nice action flick, not more - not less. Entertaining and thrilling and visually astounding.


homeless_homo said...

Thanks so much for doing this. I haven't been able to convert videos to my Iphone for shit so I'm glad to have found some series I didn't watch yet.

Emma was amazing btw.

Also, I'd like to request fruits basket in iphone format if possible.

DirtyFinger said...

I'm glad you liked Emma. And I'm glad you appreceate the whole idea of iphone ready anime.

I'm sorry that I can't do your request, since I have a bucket load of already converted series in my queue, so converting and distributing a series I already watched ages ago has a very low priority.

I can, however, help you converting videos on your own by using a free windows program:

And while you're at it, I'd encourage you to seed series you converted - if you want under the [iphone ready] banner. I can surely use support. :)

homeless_homo said...

Sorry previous post was screwed up.
Anyway, don't worry about the fruits basket request then. I wasn't really expecting you to be able to do it anyway Lol. Although...I am still seeding as I type this :)

I guess I have to grab the Seirei batch you just released too.

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