Friday, April 4, 2008


Original release by BSS

Another campus comedy, only this time it's not about beautiful music but yucky bacteria. Sawaki is a first year student at an agricultural university on the outskirts of Tokyo, who has a unique ability: He can see microbes with his bare eyes. It's not a mutant power great enough to scare Magneto, but it's valuable nonetheless, something his sempai Hasegawa - a hot goth babe (not loli goth) - readily points out by comparing him to a high-tech electron microscope.

Speaking of hot babes, there are two more female main characters: Aoi, unofficial "Miss Agriculture" and UFO-believer, and Hazuki, a freshman obsessed with cleanliness who tends to receive amourus treatments from directions she doesn't expect. Add somophores obsessed with sake-brewing, loli-goth crossdressers and a professor that enjoys fermented food that reeks worse than rotten cadavers (actually, he even eats those) and you're set up for a truly wacky series. It's a shame it's only 11 episodes long.

You'll also be confronted with lots of microbes of the talking kind. Don't expect them to look like real microbes, though. The things are constantly used to explain all kinds of biological processes - and I admit these weird lessons tend to stick. But I somehow doubt that these easy-to-understand explanations will be included in the latest batch of teaching materials - although with japanese you never know ...

Sex&Violence: Implied, but not shown. No pantyshots or other fanservice apart from the aftermath of a bed scene. You'll also get a good share of implied homosexuality, so everyone can get their fill.
No violent violence - in fact it's even less violent than Nodame Cantabile since no one is beating up girls for laughs.

Conclusion: Funny and lighthearted. I really enjoyed it (just like the creator of Nodame Cantabile, since she drew the moyashimon microbes into a panel of her manga to illustrate how contaminated Nodame's room can get). Recommended if you like it funny.


Tristan said...

I would love to see the Moyashimon in Nodame!

DirtyFinger said...

uh, i wish I had bookmarked that panel.

You can view the nodame manga here:

The anime ends around chapter 51-52 and the scene i mentioned is pretty late, maybe around the 80s.

be sure to send me the link if you find it. :)

Anonymous said...

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