Saturday, March 28, 2009

Setone Hanayome


thanks to a fellow iPhone user called Daniel we have new stuff to fill the most advanced gadget of the decade with.

Straight rip from Wikipedia:

Seto no Hanayome's story revolves around a young teenage boy named Nagasumi Michishio. One day during his summer vacation, Nagasumi was saved from drowning by a mermaid, Sun Seto, in the Seto Inland Sea. However, under mermaid law, if a mermaid's identity as a mermaid has been revealed, either the mermaid who was involved or the human who saw the mermaid are to be executed. In an attempt to save both Nagasumi and Sun's lives, Sun's family, which is apparently the head of its own mob, reluctantly decides that the two are to be married.

Gōzaburō, Sun's father, however, is enraged about his daughter running off and getting married, especially to a human whom he deems inferior. Between Gōzaburō's attempts on his life and the madcap antics of a whole slew of antagonists — including the daughter of a rival mobster and a rich male transfer student with an attraction for Sun — Nagasumi is not enjoying a very smooth transition into his new lifestyle.

And here is what Daniel has to say about it:

"A fourteen year old boy named Nagasumi goes to Setouchi on summer vacation, while at the beach, he almosts drowns but is saved by a mermaid. Later, this same mermaid comes to his Grandma's house, where he is staying, and tells him to "Take responsibility for his actions." And "Gangsters" carry him and his family away, and take them underwater, where San's, the mermaid who saved him, father tells him that if a mermaid reveals their identity to a human, both the mermaid and human must die, but there is a loophole, if the human was family, neither would have to die. So they get engaged.
This show is very stupid, but funny. It is slightly perverted, though no actual nudity is shown. This show, stupid though it sounds, is actually very funny, mostly because throughout the show an uncountable amount of people(well, mostly merman), are trying to kill Nagasumi. Don't try to take this show seriously, and it is a very good comedy."


[Update]: The old torrent has been replaced by a nice, regular Anirena torrent. Thanks Daniel!


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