Friday, February 29, 2008

Banner of the Stars

This release contains all episodes of the Banner/Crest of the Stars Saga.

The series is a mix between military science-fiction and soap opera and is remarkably under-the-top, meaning that pilots and warriors don't shoot screaming the name of their special moves.

Since I'm not in a cynical enough mood for an honest review right now, I'll just steal the description someone else did for now.

And in case you didn't notice: The files have been converted to be viewed on an iphone/ipod touch.
But they play fine with quicktime or VLC too, though.

Cheers !


Jinto, a young boy, in a far future where humankind has colonized the stars and formed many nations. The most powerful nation being "Humankind Empire Abh".
Jinto led a relatively peaceful life as the son of the government president on the remote planet called Martine. Until one day, when they were attacked by the Abh, who takes over his home planet after Jinto's father betrayed them by surrendering to the Abh Empire and handed their world over to the Abh in exchange for a standing in the Abh Empire.

As a result, Jinto became a prince and was soon sent off to study the Abh language and culture to prepare himself for his future as a nobleman.
Now, 7 years later, Jinto is entering the next phase of his training, and he is about to meet his first Abh, the lovely Lafiel. But Jinto is about to learn that she is more than she appears to be.
The Abh Empire is then plunged into war and the story continues from there...

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